Coach Documents

Coaches Contract

Background Consent  This is now online.  Click the link.  You MUST select "Hobgood Baseball" during your application.

Draft Protection Agreement

Recreation League Guidelines

Concussions in Youth Athletes - Georgia

Return to Play Act

Parent_Athlete_Info_Sheet-a.pdf <------Link to Parent Concussion Information Sheet

Coach’s Training

Head coaches are required to complete -------> CDC Heads Up Online Training Course

Hobgood Concussion Policy

Hobgood Concussion Policy

NOTE: If a player is suspected to have a concussion or traumatic brain injury, a “911” call will be placed for an ambulance to provide immediate medical attention.  If a parent or guardian insists that the “911” call not be made for immediate medical treatment, the parent or guardian must sign the below release stating his/her actions are against Hobgood policy and releasing Hobgood from any liability.  If the waiver is not signed, the “911” call will be made.

 Hobgood Refusal for Treatment Form

Abuse Awareness Course
According to “34 U.S. Code § 20341- Child abuse Reporting,” mandatory reporting is put into effect when “a covered individual who learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of child abuse, including sexual abuse, shall as soon possible make a report of the suspected abuse to the agency designated by the Attorney General.”

Report to or contact Childhelp (800-422-4453) for assistance.

Head coaches are required to complete ---------> USA Baseball Coaches "A" Certificate

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