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Hobgood Baseball

Recreation Baseball Program

Hobgood Baseball strives to provide, maintain and develop quality and wholesome youth recreational sports activities and facilities for both girls and boys in our community. All of our coaches and volunteers place an emphasis on teaching fundamental skills and sportsmanship to the players within the league. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on enjoying the great sport of baseball.


During Assessment Day, your child will be evaluated on the following baseball techniques: Hitting, Throwing, Catching and Base running.  The assessment itself only takes a couple of minutes, but you should expect to be at the park for about 30-60 minutes depending on the size of your league.  Please pay close attention to what field you will be assessed on.  Please bring a glove, bat, and helmet if you have them available.


Hobgood Baseball will be following the bat requirements of Little League. Please visit the following site for helpful information regarding what type of bat your player(s) should be using going into this Spring season.


Baseball Bat Chart

Minors & Majors

USA Baseball marking
2 5/8” barrel maximum
*Approved Tee Ball bats may be used in coach pitch/machine pitch divisions only with the use of approved tee balls.

Intermediate (50/70) & Junior

USA Baseball markingorBBCOR marking
2 5/8” barrel maximum


ALLbats must be BBCOR


Please note that tee ball bats are acceptable in our T-Ball and Rookies; however, they will not be acceptable in our A and above leagues. 

Solid, one-piece wood bats that adhere to Little League’s regulations will be allowed for play with or without the USA Baseball mark. Multi-piece wood bats must have the USA Baseball mark to be approved for play. This includes two-piece wood bats, composite wood bats, laminated wood bats, bonded wood bats, bamboo bats, and any wood bat that could be defined as an ‘experimental’ design.