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The Hobgood Park is expected to provide umpires that are competent and familiar with, and operate within, Dizzy Dean Baseball and Hobgood Baseball, Inc. baseball rules. Hobgood Baseball expects that a typical coach pitch game (ages 6, 7, & 8) would involve one umpire and a kid pitch game (ages 9-17) involves 2 umpires. Number of games per day by any umpire crew will be at Hobgood Park’s discretion, but may not exceed four games in one day unless prior approval is obtained from the Board’s designee.


A manager has the right to question an umpire’s interpretation of the rules provided that he does so immediately by calling a time out.  Judgment calls may not be questioned.  When the questioned interpretation is brought to the attention of the umpire, he may confer with the other umpire.  Assistant coaches are not permitted to approach any umpire to question any call.  The manager must notify the umpire immediately after a questionable play if the game is being played under protest.  However, the manager is not allowed to make physical contact with any umpire.


There will be a minimum of two training meetings per season for which attendance will be mandatory for the Contractor’s umpires. Hobgood Baseball expects the umpires to attend these meetings at no charge to the Park. The Baseball Commissioner or his designee will have an open invitation to attend these training meeting to address any concerns directly.  Hobgood Baseball, Inc. will be the final authority, as the season is underway, on any disputes, concerns or conflicts that involve the Contractor’s umpires and Hobgood Baseball, Inc. will, at its discretion and sole option, reserve the right to require staffing changes from the Contractor if necessary.


In addition, coaches, players and fans shall not ride, kid, heckle, poke fun at, or in any other manner do anything that distracts the umpire.  Umpires will issue one warning then individual coaches, players or fans will be subject to ejection.  Umpires are also not allowed to be rude to players, fans, managers or coaches. 


In the event that a manager believes that an umpire’s behavior or rules interpretation is questionable, the manager may file a complaint with the Recreational Commissioner or Duty Commissioner by using the “Umpire Complaint Form.”  The Recreational Commissioner or Duty Commissioner will only accept this form if the form is submitted by the manager within 2 days of the incident.

Umpire Complaint Form


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